Best Handwraps for MMA

What are Hand Wraps used for in MMA, Boxing and Muay Thai?

Hand wraps for MMA or Boxing are recommended to be used whenever you wear a pair of gloves.

This helps protect your hands from the impact of your hands hitting a Heavy Bag or an opponent. The amount of pressure put in your hands can really cause damage.

When participating in any combat sport such as in MMA or Boxing, the gloves worn may vary in ounces thus not giving you full protection.

Types of Hand Wraps

Traditional Hand Wraps come in 4 ounces.

These can be worn as inside the gloves to add an extra layer of protection and can be worn tighly to fit the fighters actual punch or it can be used stretchy to allow breathing room.

This is a personal choice depending on the type of gloves you'll be wearing and the type of training you'll be doing.

The Best Hand Wraps You can get

There are many options when thinking about which hand wraps to buy for MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing or any other combat sport.

Here is our suggestion:

#1 Hand Wrap Suggestion: Everlast Standard

Hand Wraps El Paso, Texas Gym Suggestion EVerlast

If you are located at El Paso, Texas you can get these at Dick's Sporting Good at the Fountains Mall or on their website.

#2 Suggestion for Hand Wraps

El Paso Gym Suggestion for Hand Wraps

You can get these at Dick's Sporting Good here

#3 Suggestion for Hand Wraps

Get these here

About Hand Wraps

As mentioned throughout this article, combat sports are a danger to your hands and you can really make real damage.

That is why we suggest that you always wear hand wraps and you always wear them properly.

Here's a guide on how to properly place your hand wraps.

Also, visit our local El Paso, Texas MMA gym, Raw War MMA Gym.